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FACTS helps applicants to certify their own integrity by verifying and certifying their employment and educational credentials issued in India and overseas.

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    Depend on the nation’s trusted source for education verifications, official transcripts and documents retrieval service used by thousands of customers

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    FACTS instantly, accurately, and securely verifies academic credentials of students from - State, Central, Deemed and Private Institutions.

  • Protecting Privacy

    The FACTS serves as a trusted agent to our participating customers by facilitating the exchange and understanding of applicant’s documents and related information while protecting their privacy.

  • Fake degrees are spread in countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Romania, while Pakistan had opened an investigation into a company Axact in May 2015 after 'The New York Times' found that it had created at least 370 fake websites and employed 2,000 people for selling degrees, more such fake agencies are doing the same in India even government officials fall prey to Fake degree.

    More than just data.

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