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Three employees sentenced to 18 months in jail in B.C.'s biggest immigration scam

Manjula Dufresne and Eric Rankin | 18 April, 2017

Three former immigration consultants have received 18-month sentences and will have to pay large fines for their roles in B.C.'s biggest-ever immigration fraud scheme.

Jin (Fanny) Ma, Wen (Vivian)Jiang and Ming Kun (Makkie) Wu were sentenced under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Income Tax Act and the criminal code Tuesday afternoon in a Vancouver courtroom.

The women are former employees of Xun (Sunny) Wang and New Can Consultants and had pleaded guilty to several charges including passport offences, misrepresentation, forgery and tax evasion.

Wang was charged in October 2012, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $900,000 in one of the biggest immigration scams in Canadian history

A total of nine of Wang's employees were charged. Three others are going through the courts and the last three have warrants out for their arrest. In addition to the 18-month sentences in provincial jail, the women will have to pay fines assessed on their crimes.

In a statement, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) says the women "financially gained by committing fraud for their clients, did not report their income to the Canada Revenue Agency and applied for tax credits to which they were not entitled."

Ma has been fined $96,000. Jiang $74,000 and Wu $50,000. The crown had asked for three-year sentences.