How to Verify Bangalore University

You can verify your Bangalore University degree by contacting the university’s official registrar or student affairs office. They will be able to

How to Verify IEC University

To verify the authenticity of a degree from IEC University, you can follow these steps: Visit the official website of IEC University:

How to Verify Magadh University verification

To verify the authenticity of a degree from Magadh University, you can follow these steps: Visit the official website of Magadh University:

How to verify Monad University

To verify the authenticity of a degree from Monad University, you can follow these steps: Visit the official website of Monad University:

How to Verify OPJS

OPJS University is a private university located in Rajasthan, India. To verify the authenticity of a degree from OPJS University, you can

How to Verify KSOU (Karnataka State Open University)

For this you will have to issue a demand draft in favour of registrar of the said university. The university will then issue

How to Verify Arni University

To verify a degree from Arni University, you can follow these steps: You can contact the university\’s registrar\’s office or student services

How to Verify Andhra University

To verify a degree from Andhra University, you can follow these steps: You can contact the university’s registrar’s office or student services

How to Verify Sabarmati University

To verify a degree from Sabarmati University, you can follow these steps: Contact the university: Contact the university’s Office of the Registrar

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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say

Sangeetha Nagarajah

I was very pleased with FACTS services! Sitting in Bangladesh, I was able to coordinate with their team in Bangalore and they got my transcripts and certificate sent in a short time. Also I was so concerned about sending my originals to them but they had returned it back to me safely once the process was done. Highly recommend FACTS!

Pooja Kumari

I used their services to get an official statement of Marks ( University issued and attested). The entire process took me a week, and got a very fast response and continuous assistance from their team. Thank you, Facts Transcripts and Verification Inc. for such an amazing experience.

Prasanth Kukal

I had such a wonderful experience with Facts Transcripts and it is my pleasure to rate them with 5 Star. Their approach to the whole process was very transparent and genuine. Initially I was skeptical about sending original educational certificates over courier though my university made it mandatory for issuing transcripts. Kiran was very confident on suggesting safest ways to courier and it all ended happily. I felt as Facts is highly professional dealing with university and delivering it on the committed dates. I am writing this in detail because there are many agencies who is only proactive till you make your payment and they are less professional, so I recommend reading all the reviews before anyone choosing an agency !

Sheba Raichal

Facts helped me process my NDEB certification as easy and quick as possible. I would recommend anybody to use their service if you dont have much time & resource to do it yourself. So happy with their service!😊!

Muhammed Junais

I am highly recommend for FACTS TRANSCRIPTS AND VERIFICATION INC, especially very good service, trustworthy, fast service, quick response and also they gave me useful advice regarding the transcript. I am very happy for your service. Thank you FACTS TRANSCRIPTS AND VERIFICATION INC.

Kanika Bhatia

Genuine and fast service ! I definitely recommend them based on my personal experience 👍

Gaurav Kumar

In October 2019, I decided to apply for WES Canada but the only problem was, I am bases out Delhi and I had to go to university 3-4 times in a span of 1 month to apply for my WES. I was searching for service provider who can ease my pain but all the negative reviews of few service providers demotivated me to move forward. I knew I have to take few days off from work, fly out to Bangalore 2-3 times and spend around 30k just to request the university to send my transcript. My agony ended on 9th December when I got to know about fact transcript and here I am 9 days later writing this review from my office with a smile 😄 because my documents have been processed and dispatched. Thank you team for your swift service.

Rinku Tulsiani

The service provided was valuable and the case manager Kiran was very polite and helpful!

Stanley James

Facts verify has helped me to sent my transcripts from Anna university and VTU to WES Canada. They have done their work professionally and I appreciate them for their promptness. Through them it was hassle free, else it would have been time and energy consuming to sent from these universities. I would 100 percent recommend this team for Transcripts. All the best FACTS VERIFY TEAM. Thanks

Harjit Singh Kohli

Thanks to the full team of FACTS TRANSCRIPTS They helped us in the covid time to get the work pushed through and also to Ms Manjula fir her special efforts Kudos to the team and management Regards Harjit Singh Kohli!

Prasanth Nair

Trust worthy firm in handling your educational documents and transcripts. Competitive price and fast processing.

Srinivas Adilapuram

Excellent and reliable services, they have a great support team and reachable during office hours. I really appreciate their efforts assisting to get the transcripts / verification documents!

Yoginath Poreddy

Felt comfortable and trust worthy people working with FACTS. Smooth and easy-going process for WES services. Same quick response when contacting even after 4 long years. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Rajinder Kaur

I would like to really appreciate and thank the entire Facts team who helped me get all my certificates delivered on time in these difficult circumstances. They are very professional with their work and keep you posted with each step of the progress. Kiran used to be in touch with me always on WhatsApp and answered my queries whenever I asked for any help. Thank you team and you guys are doing a great job considering the harsh situations that we are currently in. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Feroze Khan

Easy to signup, upload, track and result within the promised timelines. Also the price is also economical when compared with other competitors. Rated 5 star for their overall service and experience.

Seetharaman Ramadurai

Excellent service by Facts !!! Being placed outside India, I have approached Facts Transcripts for the services. Due to pandemic, there was no response at the college. At last, Ms Manjula personally visited the college and the transcript was obtained. My transcript was sent successfully on personal intervention. Facts transcript does the job professionally !! Great job !!!

Ayesha Shaheen

Facts has indeed lived upto their brand promise - “decide with confidence”. The experience was seamless and smooth from end to end. Facts can definitely have my vote of confidence when it comes to seeking help with transcripts, even when you are not stationed there. Keep delivering the very best!! 👍🏻

Saju Ramachandran

Able to get the Transcripts being remote without needing to visit the Uni or any office was a luxury!! Thanks to FACTS, was able to get the transcripts sitting in UK, without any hassle and in the promised time lines. Would definitely recommend them for any Transcript related opportunities….

Archana Sridhar

I am extremely happy with the services that FACTS has rendered . What’s very important to take note of is the timelines that they adhered to . Commendable indeed ! Keep up the good work!

Robin Pinto

Excellent services. I got my transcripts done even though I was abroad. Just had to send my documents and they did everything. They are professional prompt on their commitments. I definitely recommend them specially for the people living abroad.

Pavithra Sharma

I was hesitant in the beginning to get my transcripts from a 3rd party and due to pandemic situation outside I decided to get my transcripts submitted through FACT Transcripts. Why I choose FACTs is that I read super good reviews about the service in the Google and they lived upto the expectations. I was very happy as my college was an affiliated college to the BU I had to get the transcripts signed from the college and then submit to the university. This I was unaware but it was taken care by FACTS and they helped get the right things at right time. Within 28 days my transcripts were submitted to WES. Very happy with the service.

Rayyan Syed

Very professional service . I highly recommend to all who wants for transcripts service from universities you can 100% trust for facts transcript service . During this pandemic time they offering great service .

Rushda Irfana

The service was excellent. It was absolutely stress free as i received the updates regularly for my case. I would totally recommend Facts Transcripts especially if you are overseas and trying to get it sorted for your certificates issued from Indian Universities.

Gauri Sharma

Kudos to Facts team ! Excellent And exceptional services . I have availed their services twice one before covid era and another in covid times .Team is quite dedicated and always delivers services within time line 😊😎

Sunil Murkikar

II like Fact I am outside of country and found Facts service for my Transcripts from multiple universities in India I love them to get my application done in this tough time at affordable fees They visited to university on my behalf in person and get the transcript done They are really very helpful team I really like is there prompt response to your massage, and easy accessible. My application was handled by Ms. Manjula and she did a great job, she was all time accessible to my communication. She personally visited to university for my case and get it done in this tough time to travel. I would highly recommend going by FACTS in case you need your transcripts. Wish you all success and safe life 👍

Anand Kurian

Facts Transcripts and Verification Inc are a very professional body and can be relied upon to do their tasks ably and competently. I wish them all success.

Dr Nandita Sharma

I am amazed to see the professionalism of Facts Transcripts. I received my Transcripts within 22 days. It is the most reliable and efficient service portal for any process. Thank you for such a prompt service.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⚘.

Bhaskar Dharani

Truly, FACTS as the name goes, they are 200% committed to their customers. Despite the 2nd wave in India, I could get my Transcripts sent to WES. I express my gratitude to FACTS for their whole hearted efforts and continuous follow up with the institution. Also, I am sorry to know the person who had submitted by application had passed away due to COVID at a young age of 29yrs. Condolences to his family. Despite the hardships FACTS manager was in touch with me continuously assuring me and seen that things are done. Appreciated all the best efforts and good work by FACTS.

Visha Nirwan

We had a great experience with fact transcripts . Basically we really like their way of doing work. It's so transparent and fast which is great for anyone who desperately wants their degree or transcripts. We highly recommend fact transcripts services to everyone.

Akila Sundaramurthy

The whole process was seamless and efficient. We didn’t have to follow up at all and yet we received regular status updates. We knew exactly what was happening and I highly recommend Facts Transcripts for facilitating assessment of educational credentials for immigration purposes..

Shiljy Sebastian

Even though when I reached out to them for an enquiry I didn’t receive positive reply, I still went to proceed with Fact Transcripts, it was done faster than expected!

Abhishek Mishra

Genuine services. I am extremely satisfied. They got the verification done in a very short period of time and the charges were minimal too.

Sheeba Stanley

Smooth process of getting your transcripts via Universities and timely updates were notified.

Sreedhar Yalamati

I am highly satisfied with Facts Verify service. The team is very professional, 100% genuine and responds to all our queries, every email. I have got the transcripts which dates back to almost 15 years. The team followed up and made it possible. I am really thankful to Kiran and Priya for their continuous support and service. The best service you can expect especially if your's is a complicated requirement.

Angshuman Buragohain

Facts Transcripts is very reliable and genuine transcript service provider. I wanted my transcript very urgently and It was extremely tough to get the transcript from my university since it is in very remote area but I relied on Facts Transcripts and they GET IT DONE. I really appreciate their help and I recommend everyone who wants their transcript can always go for Facts Transcripts.

Priyanka Kotti

Great Customer service! Very patient in answering all my questions and doubts. Received documents by expected date. Hassle free process. Trustworthy and will recommend to others.

Boney Sarkar

Good and Trustable Service, I am so happy with the services I also given them my video testimony on YouTube

Anitha K S

Good and Trustable Service, my 5 Star to FACTS Transcripts

Ekta Sharma

Thank you so much for completing, my transcript, my 5 Star to FACTS Transcripts, check out my video testimony on why FACTS is best

Ida George

Wonderful experience.. Just a message sent to them for clarity about Medium of Instruction(MOA)saved my money and time.. Without even knowing,without a what I needed in my and secure.. Thanks to FACTS..Keep helping and keep that smile in faces that deserve..🙂

Rajani Chaudhary

Great experience to get the service from the FACTS. Thank you FACTS team for the provided service within the said time and good coordination. I strongly recommend them as they are reliable and trustable.

Nissi Christie

FACTS Transcripts provided excellent service and delivered my duplicate degree and transcript. Highly recommend their services, I have also given my video testimony watch on youtube!.

Bilal Daniel

The team at Facts Transcript is the best. Because I am not in India, and I need to get my official transcript and finish the WES process. I asked a few friends to do it on my behalf, but after that I got to know it is a very complicated process that requires my presence, I asked my friends to obtain an agency number so they could do it without my presence after doing some research and talking to my friends about few agency I got to know about facts transcript. They helped me and explained the procedure to me. I paid the fee right away(which is the BEST PRICE in the market), and the process of issuing transcripts and completing my WES process from india started within a week process form banglore got completed and they have provided me with DHL tracking info. Within 6 days I got another update from WES that they got my official transcript . THANKS YOU once again to Fact team for making this process very easy to me..

Chandrashekar Athmakuru

The process of getting my transcripts verified through FACTS was smooth and hassle-free. I appreciate their efficiency and professionalism

Mansoorali N

It was wonderful experience Beyond expectation specially as an agent in Bangalore. I appreciate your immediate response on queries and well sophisticated system portal. I was little worried about processing formalities, duration and extra charges. But you were straight forward and systematic. I assure, You would be my first choice that I would recommend. Thank you so much FACTS Team…….😍

Mohammed Abdul Wasay

Got my transcripts done staying in abroad. Best service *thumbsup*

Abin Tom

Great service. Mr Kiran very professional and easy approachable person. Thank you so much for your support*

Sameer Hassan

Facts transcripts give the best services to there customers. In terms of transcripts on time or reply to the emails. Regular update by them.

Bilal Wardak

One of the Best Places. Thanks Facts Transcripts and Verifications Team for helping me out. They are very helpful. Just By contacting and Sending the Fee, the gave me the account login details and told me to upload all my documents. I am waiting for my Transcripts to be send by them to WES

Mahesh Vamuela Prakash

I needed my Engineering transcripts verified from my university, since i am out of the country i was searching online for a trusted organization who can help me with getting my transcripts verified. I found Facts Transcripts and had reached out to them. They responded immediately and guided me on what is required for them to get the transcripts verified. the whole process as done easily and efficiently online. They kept me updated through their portal and emails and finally received. They made a super daunting task especially when you are far away and need it immediately look very simple and easy. They have a very organized and are trustworthy. Thank you to each and everyone from the Facts Transcripts Team!

Julin & Jo

Even though it was a bit delayed, they made sure my work was done. Thanks a lot guys !! 100% recommended

Shruthi Vinod

One of the best professional service . Most reliable. Quick to respond for any queries. I would recommend facts for people who needs help for attestation or transcripts..good job team..thank you and really appreciate your support.

Mohamed Fahad

They are 100% genuine on their service. I gave my transcripts for three different Universities and they made everything successful in short period of time as they keep on following with the university and get the task done. I am specially thanking Ms.Manjula for her effort and keeping me updated on daily basis. Highly recommending this firm for your certificate verifications, transcripts, etc....


Highly Recommended and Trustworthy. One of my friend in Canada suggested Facts transcript for WES. My process took long time due to college process and other unforeseen circumstances .I worked with Manjula from past few months she always used to give timely responses and made it work sent transcripts to WES. Don't sit and read negative reviews just go for it .


Good Service, hassle free process for transcripts. I was impressed with the customer service at FACTS

Bharath H S

FACTS Transcripts and Verification exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and thoroughness in verifying my documents.

Shiljy Sebastian

Even though when I reached out to them for an enquiry I didn’t receive positive reply, I still went to proceed with Fact Transcripts, it was done faster than expected.

Jithin TP

Best professional service . You no need to worry about anything just give them the required details and documents, sit back and relax . Thanks team , it was a wonderful help specially at this pandemic

Mullaivendan Chidambaram

It is my pleasure to thank FACTS TRANSCRIPTS for their valuable service and continuous support in my WES Application Process. I really appreciate them for their understanding and helping me regarding the submission of Transcripts, Marksheets and Degree Certificates from the respective universities and sending the same to WES, Canada. I feel that the submission of required documents to WES, Canada couldn't have been achieved without their guidance, which is going to help me in the future. Overall, the service, email responses, process were fast and perfect. Thank you FACTS for your valuable service and assistance. I'm sure you deserve this compliment.

Ornella Sara Shaj

I highly recommend FACTS Transcripts and Verification for anyone in need of transcript services. They are reliable, efficient, and provide excellent value

Dr. Ashok K. Saini

IThank you for your kindness.I was extremely satisfied with the speed and quality of service provided by FACTS Transcripts and Verification. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of transcript verification

Hemant Sudehely

I really appreciate the support and help provided by Kiran my Transcript case. Over this short amount of time he became my friend and guided me on each phase of my transcript process. I will definitely refer Kiran and Facts Transcript to any transcript process!!! Good Job Kiran!!!

Poulin Michael

I had a great experience working with FACTS Transcripts. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to meeting their clients' needs.

Jigar Joshi

FACTS Transcripts and Verification provided me with exceptional service and ensured that my documents were verified accurately and efficiently.

Pankaj Tiwary

I would highly recommend FACTS Transcripts and Verification to anyone in need of transcript services. Their customer service is outstanding and their processes are streamlined for efficiency.

Zaffer Ahmad

I was impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism displayed by the team at FACTS Transcripts and Verification. Thank you for your excellent service!

Sunil Sharma

Very happy with the services provided, team is very helpful and keep you updated on timely basis, I had a great experience working with FACTS Transcripts and Verification.

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