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How do I check if a Himalayan University degree certificate is original or fake?

Himalayan University, located in Arunachal Pradesh, is a reputable institution known for its quality education and diverse programs. If you hold an authentic degree from this university, you should already possess the original certificate. However, if you’re tasked with verifying someone else’s degree or have doubts about the authenticity of a Himalayan University degree, it’s essential to follow the correct procedures. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to verify a Himalayan University degree to ensure its legitimacy.

Cross-Check the Certificate

The first step in verifying a Himalayan University degree is to closely examine the certificate. Look for the following key details to confirm its authenticity:

– University Name: Ensure that the name “Himalayan University” is accurately spelled and located prominently on the certificate.

– Student’s Information: Verify the student’s name, date of birth, and other personal information. Any discrepancies could be a red flag.

– Degree Information: Check the degree type (e.g., Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.), major, and date of graduation. These details should match the student’s academic history.

– University Seal and Signature: Authentic certificates bear the official university seal and authorized signatures. Ensure these elements are present and genuine.

Use FACTS Verify for Degree Verification

One of the most reliable ways to verify a Himalayan University degree is through FACTS Verify. FACTS Verify is a well-established verification company with over 16 years of experience in verifying educational degrees and certificates. We have successfully verified more than 3 lakh degrees for individuals, providing authentic reports to validate the legitimacy of educational qualifications.

To use FACTS Verify for Himalayan University degree verification, follow these steps:

– Visit the FACTS Verify website and navigate to the degree verification section.

– Pay the verification fee, which is typically a reasonable cost for the service along with fees receipt and degree mark sheet send it to verify@factsverify.com

– FACTS Verify will conduct a thorough verification process and provide you with an official report detailing the authenticity of the degree.

Verifying a Himalayan University degree is essential to ensure the legitimacy of educational qualifications. Whether you’re confirming your own degree or checking someone else’s, following the steps mentioned in this blog can help you determine whether the degree is genuine or fake. Using a reputable verification service like FACTS Verify adds an extra layer of confidence in the verification process, giving you peace of mind regarding the authenticity of the degree in question.

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