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You can verify a Sikkim Manipal University degree by contacting the university\’s official registrar or student affairs office. They will be able to provide you with an official transcript or certificate of completion that verifies your degree. If you need it for employment or other purposes, you can request an official, sealed copy to be sent directly to the recipient. You can also check the validity of the degree by contacting the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which is the governing body that oversees technical education in India.

How to Check Sikkim Manipal University Registration Number ?

  1. Log on to
  2. From the Student Homepage, click the Order Transcript/Verification tile
  3. Click on Order Transcript/Enrollment Verification
  4. Select Current Enrollment or All Enrollment under Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
  5. Click on Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
  6. A PDF will appear which contains your academic enrollment information at SMU

Is Sikkim Manipal University FAKE?

Sikkim State University Gangtok , Sikkim is recognized by U.G.C., approved by A.I.C.T.E. , approved by Pharmacy Council, Medical Council of India , approved by ICAR , approved Indian Nursing Council , approved DCI and also approved by Bar Council. All programs of SMU-DE are duly recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Board (DEB). Over five lakh students have graduated from SMU-DE, benefitting from the experience of core faculty and support of our personal academic advisors. For more information call or WhatsApp on 8088880630

Provisional Certificate
Migration Letter
Name Correction in Marks Card
Consolidated Marks Card
Duplicate Marks Card
Medium of Instruction Letter
WES Verification
Degree Verification
Mark Sheet Verification

Sikkim Manipal University: Nurturing Academic Excellence and Verification Transparency


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sikkim, Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) stands tall as a beacon of quality education and innovation. With a commitment to academic excellence, SMU has been a frontrunner in providing diverse courses and fostering an environment conducive to learning. This blog delves into the university’s verification processes, emphasizing transparency through FACTS Verify.

Unraveling the Verification Process at SMU

Degree Verification at SMU

SMU understands the importance of ensuring the validity of degree certificates. The university has implemented a straightforward process to check the authenticity of degree certificates. Students and employers can follow these steps:

  1. UIAS Code Check: Verify the UIAS (Unique Identification Authentication System) code on the SMU degree certificate located at the bottom.

  2. Online Degree Certificate Verification System: SMU provides an Online Degree Certificate Verification System to facilitate easy and quick verification. Users can sign in or register to initiate the verification process.

Southern Methodist University: Additional Verification

For those seeking verification from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in the United States, the process involves logging on to the SMU Registrar’s Office. From the student homepage, users can order transcripts or enrollment verification securely.

UIAS: The Authentication System

To enhance the credibility of document verification, SMU employs the UIAS Authentication System. Users can enter the UIASCode™ to authenticate documents, ensuring an added layer of security and transparency.

FACTS Verify: Elevating Transparency

External Verification Services:
To enhance the credibility of the verification process, The University has partnered with external verification services. One such service is FACTS Verify, which offers online certificate verification. This service covers degree verification, ensuring that the information provided by individuals is accurate.
FACTS Verify:
– Website:
– Email-
– Phone – 8088880630
– Services: Degree Verification, Secretariat/HRD Verification

How to Verify SMU Degrees with FACTS Verify

To provide an additional layer of assurance and professionalism, FACTS Verify offers a dedicated service for verifying SMU degrees:

  1. Visit the official FACTS Verify website:

  2. Navigate to the “How to Verify” section.

  3. Enter the required details, including your name, date of birth, and degree certificate number.

  4. Submit the form, and the verification process will commence.

Professional Degree Verification

Background Check Group, including services for Sikkim Manipal University, ensures thorough education and qualification verification. This service confirms the authenticity of academic certificates, providing peace of mind for employers and individuals.

Contacting SMU: A Gateway to Information

SMU Contact Information

For any specific queries or information, individuals can reach out to Sikkim Manipal University:

  • Address: Majitar Technical Campus, East Sikkim – 737136, Sikkim, India.
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: Provided on the official website.


Sikkim Manipal University not only nurtures academic excellence but also values the transparency and authenticity of academic credentials. Whether utilizing SMU’s online verification systems or opting for professional verification through FACTS Verify, SMU ensures that the educational journey of its students is built on a solid foundation of credibility and trust.

For more detailed information on degree verification, please visit the Sikkim Manipal University Official Website or contact FACTS Verify for professional assistance. Your academic achievements at SMU are not just milestones; they are a testament to the university’s commitment to transparency and quality education.

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