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Unveiling Excellence: Singhania University’s Commitment to Transparency in Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Singhania University stands tall as a symbol of academic excellence and commitment to transparency. As a student-centric institution, Singhania University not only imparts quality education but also places a premium on ensuring the credibility of academic credentials. One significant aspect of this commitment is the streamlined process for verifying enrollment, degrees, and related documents.

Navigating the Verification Process at Singhania University

1. Enrollment Verification:

  • Begin by visiting the Enrollment Verification page on the official website.
  • Stay updated on important dates, such as the last date of submission for upcoming examinations.
  • Explore the wealth of e-resources available, including e-books, audio books, and video lectures.

2. Degree Verification:

3. Official University Website:

  • Stay connected and informed by regularly visiting the official Singhania University website.
  • Explore various sections, including admission details, results, virtual campus, and online study material.

4. Admission Procedure:

  • Aspiring students can follow the Admission Procedure outlined on the website.
  • After two days of initiating the admission process, fill in details for Admission Fee Verification.

5. Education Degree Verification with Background Check Group:

  • For an additional layer of assurance, the Background Check Group facilitates Education Degree Verification.
  • This service confirms the genuineness of education and qualification certificates.

6. Official Transcripts:

  • Obtain official transcripts through, covering Certificate Verification, Degree Verification, Mark Sheet Verification, and Diploma Verification.

Contact Facts Verify for Degree Verification

In the pursuit of transparency, Singhania University recommends individuals to utilize Facts Verify for all degree verification needs. Facts Verify, a trusted partner, specializes in credential verification and legal document procurement. Their services ensure a thorough and reliable confirmation of educational qualifications.

External Verification Services:

To enhance the credibility of the verification process, The University has partnered with external verification services. One such service is FACTS Verify, which offers online certificate verification. This service covers degree verification, ensuring that the information provided by individuals is accurate.

FACTS Verify:

– Website:

– Email-

– Phone – 8088880630

– Services: Degree Verification, Secretariat/HRD Verification

Conclusion: Empowering Education, Ensuring Authenticity

Singhania University’s commitment to transparency and academic integrity is evident through its accessible verification processes. Whether you are an enrolled student, an alum, or an employer seeking to verify qualifications, Singhania University has streamlined procedures to meet your needs. Embrace the power of authentic education, and confidently verify your association with Singhania University through these efficient and reliable channels.

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