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To verify the State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET) certificate, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the official website of the SBTET: You can find the official website of the SBTET by searching for \”SBTET website\” in your preferred search engine.
  2. Look for the certificate verification option: On the SBTET website, look for a section related to \”certificate verification\” or \”student services.\”
  3. Enter the required details: You will be asked to provide some personal and certificate-related information, such as your name, enrolment number, and certificate number.
  4. Verify the details: After entering the required information, the SBTET will verify the details and provide you with the status of your certificate.


  1. Look for the student services section: On the SBTET website, look for a section related to \”student services\” or \”student information.\”
  2. Select the appropriate option: Depending on the website, you may be able to find your registration number by selecting an option like \”student information\” or \”student search.\”
  3. Enter the required details: You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and other details, to search for your registration number.
  4. View the registration number: Once you have entered the required information, you should be able to view your registration number on the SBTET website.


State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET) is not a fake organization. It is a statutory body that governs and regulates technical education in the Indian state of Telangana. SBTET is responsible for conducting diploma and polytechnic level technical courses and also provides certification to successful students. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of SBTET, you can check their official website or contact the relevant authorities for verification. For more information call or WhatsApp on 8088880630

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In the dynamic world of education and employment, the verification of educational certificates plays a pivotal role in establishing credibility. For those associated with the State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET), this guide provides a step-by-step approach to certificate verification and emphasizes the importance of authenticity.

1. Visit the Official SBTET Website: Initiate the verification process by visiting the official website of SBTET. A quick online search using keywords such as “SBTET website” will lead you to the official portal.

2. Locate Certificate Verification Section: Once on the SBTET website, navigate to the section related to “certificate verification” or “student services.” This is the hub for all verification-related activities.

3. Genuineness Check Application: Explore the Genuineness Check Application on the SBTET website. This feature is designed to facilitate the verification process and ensure the authenticity of certificates issued by SBTET.

4. Third-Party Verification Agency – FACTS Verify: For a reliable and efficient verification process, consider utilizing third-party verification services. FACTS Verify is a trusted agency that specializes in credential verification. Their expertise ensures a seamless experience and provides an added layer of assurance.

External Verification Services:

To enhance the credibility of the verification process, The University has partnered with external verification services. One such service is FACTS Verify, which offers online certificate verification. This service covers degree verification, ensuring that the information provided by individuals is accurate.

FACTS Verify:

– Website:

– Email-

– Phone – 8088880630

– Services: Degree Verification, Secretariat/HRD Verification

5. e-Certificate Verification (NCVT): If you possess an e-certificate, SBTET provides an e-Certificate Verification service. Visit the NCVT MIS website and enter your e-Certificate number for validation.

6. Genuineness Certificate Issuance: Upon successful verification, SBTET will issue a genuineness certificate. This certificate serves as official confirmation of the authenticity of your educational credentials.

7. Certificate Verification with National Board of Vocational Training Education (NBTE): For additional verification, especially for vocational training, the National Board of Vocational Training Education offers a certificate verification service. Enter your registration number for confirmation.

8. Student Verification with The Council of Basic & Technical Education: The Council of Basic & Technical Education provides a student verification service. Enter your enrollment number for confirmation.

9. Department of Technical Education (Karnataka): For those associated with Karnataka, the Department of Technical Education offers relevant information, including diploma syllabus, admission portals, and e-governance initiatives.

10. Transcript Services with FACTS Transcripts: If you require transcripts from SBTET, FACTS Transcripts offers a service specifically for credential verification and legal document procurement.

11. Board of Technical Examination (Karnataka): Explore the Board of Technical Examination’s responsibilities, including the conduct of various examinations and the awarding of diplomas and post-diplomas.

12. Stay Informed with SBTETAP.GOV.IN: Keep yourself updated by regularly checking the official SBTET website at for any announcements, news, or changes in the verification process.

In conclusion, a thorough understanding of the verification processes associated with SBTET, combined with the use of reliable third-party services like FACTS Verify, ensures a streamlined experience and instills confidence in the authenticity of your educational credentials.

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