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FACTS Verify : Online Certificate Verification System

THE GLOBAL UNIVERSITY – GU ADMISSION 2024, Itanagar About Global University  Global University (India), in the past known as ICI University, is a free investigation and distance training school that gives different projects and sorts of Christian guidance for understudies all throughout the planet. The Division of Foreign Missions of the Assemblies of God, USA, established the school of ICI in July 1967. Worldwide University (India) is likewise a distributer,lottery sambad helping holy places, schools, and other learning organizations by giving quality learning apparatuses on paper and different arrangements. 

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Ensuring Authenticity: A Guide to Degree Verification at The Global University


In today’s competitive academic and professional landscape, verifying the authenticity of academic credentials has become crucial. The Global University, located in Hollongi, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of its educational offerings. This blog aims to shed light on the degree verification process at The Global University and provide information on how individuals and organizations can authenticate academic qualifications.

**Why Verify Degrees?**
Degree verification is a critical step in ensuring that the qualifications presented by individuals are genuine. Employers, educational institutions, and government agencies often request verification to confirm the legitimacy of academic credentials. This process helps maintain trust in the education system and protects against fraudulent activities such as the use of fake degrees.

**The Global University’s Commitment to Verification:**
The Global University emphasizes the importance of education that cultivates creative understanding. As part of this commitment, the university has established a thorough verification process to validate the authenticity of academic documents.

**Verification Process at The Global University:**
The Global University provides a dedicated platform for document verification on its official website ( The process involves confirming the legitimacy of various academic documents, including degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

**External Verification Services:**
To enhance the credibility of the verification process, The Global University has partnered with external verification services. One such service is FACTS Verify, which offers online certificate verification. This service covers degree verification, ensuring that the information provided by individuals is accurate.

**Contact Information for Verification:**
For individuals or organizations seeking to verify degrees from The Global University, the following contact information is available:

**Global University Administrative Office:**
– Address: Model Village Naharlagun, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh – 791110
– Website: [](

**FACTS Verify:**
– Website:
– Email-
– Phone – 8088880630

– Services: Degree Verification, Secretariat/HRD Verification

Ensuring the authenticity of academic credentials is a shared responsibility between educational institutions and the stakeholders involved. The Global University, through its dedicated verification process and partnerships with external services, demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the credibility of its academic offerings. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to utilize the provided contact information and online platforms to verify degrees and promote a culture of transparency and trust in the education sector.

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