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Streamlined Guide to Allahabad University Degree Verification and Expedited Processing with FACTS

Allahabad University, a prestigious central university, has a longstanding tradition of academic excellence. Whether you are an alumnus eager to authenticate your educational credentials or an organization seeking verification for potential hires, this guide outlines the procedure for Allahabad University degree verification. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to FACTS, a renowned degree verification service, to expedite the process.

Why Verify Your Allahabad University Degree?

Verifying your Allahabad University degree is essential in today’s competitive job market and educational landscape. It ensures that your academic qualifications are genuine and trustworthy, providing confidence to both you and potential employers or institutions. To help you through this process, follow the steps below:

Procedure for Verification of Academic Records from Allahabad University

Academic records, including mark sheets, degrees, and transcripts issued by Allahabad University, can be verified through a formal process. Here’s how you can proceed:

Step 1: Prepare Required Documents
Gather the academic records you wish to verify, including mark sheets, degrees, or transcripts.

Step 2: Verify the Applicable Fee
As of the latest available information, the verification fee structure is as follows:
– Within India:INR 500/- per student/candidate.
– Foreign Applications:US$ 100 or equivalent amount in Indian Rupees per student/candidate.

Step 3: Prepare a Bank Draft
Issue a Bank Draft in Indian Rupees, payable to “CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION,” UNIVERSITY OF ALLAHABAD, and drawn from a Scheduled Bank in India. Ensure the draft covers the appropriate fee based on your application type (within India or foreign).

Step 4: Create a Covering Application/Letter
Draft a covering application/letter addressed to “CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION,” UNIVERSITY OF ALLAHABAD. This letter should include:
– Your personal details.
– A description of the documents you wish to verify.
– A photocopy of the documents/records to be verified.

Step 5: Dispatch Your Application
Place the Bank Draft, covering application/letter, and photocopies of documents in an envelope. Address the envelope as follows:


Important Note:As of now, online payment for verification fees is not available, and verification reports are sent by post.

Expediting Verification with FACTS

For those seeking a faster, more efficient verification process, FACTS Verify offers expedited services. FACTS Verify is a trusted and established degree verification service known for its reliability and speed. We specialize in providing verified academic records quickly and securely, which can be especially advantageous for employers or organizations conducting bulk verifications.

By collaborating with FACTS Verify, you can streamline the degree verification process and receive verified reports promptly, enhancing the credibility of your academic credentials.

In conclusion, Allahabad University degree verification is a critical step in ensuring the authenticity of your academic records. Following the university’s official procedure and considering FACTS Verify for expedited processing will help you verify your credentials swiftly and efficiently, providing peace of mind in your educational and professional endeavors.

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